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Welcome. Thanks for stopping by my shop.

I am Stacey, the artist who produces all the work that is sold under the Painted Snowflakes name. I am a woman led company and  a proud mom of two young men. My elder son was diagnosed with Autism at age 3. You'll read more about that tie in shortly. Suffice to say it changed my outlook on life. For the better.

You find me, most days, buried under brushes, tubes of paint, glass and canvas, listening to tunes but almost never near real painted snowflakes.


 I started painting about 25 years ago in while living in Ottawa, Canada, I am from Montreal but I've  lived in the Canadian cities of London, Mississauga, Ladner, (south of Vancouver) and now Cambridge, Ontario.

Life has allowed me travel throughout Canada, parts of Europe, some of Kenya, much of the USA, and the Caribbean. All of those experiences have taught me about people and cultures and are reflected in my art.


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Curious Onlooker

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Painted Snowflakes Mascot


Freckles brings joy to my days. While she is a cat, she walks on a leash and comes when called. Typical of cats though, she visits when she feels like it. Lucky for me that is most of the time. She likes to sit in my drawer and "watch me paint". lol

Shh. She doesn't know I posted this pic of her.. She thinks she's a BOB cat.


Why Painted Snowflakes?

Painted Snowflakes is a full integration of all that I have done in my life.

Painted wine glasses, painted candles, wedding decor, matching fabric patterns on candles, custom designs? I love the challenge. Photography was the start of my creative adventures and shows up in some of my artwork and greeting cards.

Snowflakes hold qualities that are delicate, colourful, unique and yet, hold a strength within them. While many pieces of my work appear the identical, they are in fact, unique. like the snowflake.


People living with autism are  unique from another. Surprisingly, siblings can have two different 'forms' of autism. They appear the same but have individual traits.


Painted Snowflakes is a tribute to my heroes living with Autism Spectrum Disorder. They live every day facing things we couldn't dream of.

Recently my Etsy shop, also under the name Painted Snowflakes,  but written as PaintedSnowflakes was listed in the top  5 % of sellers of hand painted wine glasses in Canada within the Etsy Marketplace. I am proud yet humbled by this notice. But I know that I am only as good as my last order.


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In the media

"Stacey ...  an artist living in Cambridge, On. who is fundraising to buy tablets which she sends to institutions where people are isolated due to COVID-19 visiting restrictions. She is sending three tablets to palliative care patients at Maison McCulloch House in Sudbury so they can have virtual visitors. (supplied Stacey)"

"A woman living in Cambridge, Ontario is helping create a virtual visiting network for people isolated due to COVID-19 at long-term care homes, hospices and hospitals.

Many of her efforts are being felt in northern Ontario, and this week in Sudbury.

Stacey ...says she started thinking about how to connect people with their family and friends after she saw a doctor in Italy talking about how he and the nurses had to videotape patients on their cell phones to say their final goodbyes because they couldn't be with their family."

... I was horrified and thought that maybe by sending some tablets to those in isolation, they could stay in touch virtually. "

"So she started fundraising with the initial goal of sending out five, six, or seven tablets out.

Soon Stacey realized it wasn't only local restrictions that were keeping people apart, but also geography and finances so she broadened the scope of where she would send the tablets.

This week, she's wrapping up three tablets to send to Maison McCulloch House in Sudbury for palliative care patients there.

She says tablets have gone out across northern Ontario to Kenora, Thunder Bay and Sault Ste. Marie. She's sent some to London, Kitchener- Waterloo as well as Montreal and other places in Quebec.

... says she's only motivated by a desire to help".

"I'm an artist by trade and so it doesn't relate that way, I have no medical background whatsoever," she says. "I'm not technically bright on computers. I just have a need to help people."

In the end, because of people like yourselves donating  to the GOFUNDME page, enough money was raised to send out over 30 tablets. I was more humbled than proud of this accomplishment. It is beyond my comprehension the amount of effort the front line workers have put in during the last year. I couldn't imagine not being able to be with my child or parent if they were in hospital. I also can't imagine the emotional toll it must take to hold someone's hand knowing they won't be going home. Then to do it many more times a day for months and months on end. 

Now I have set my sights on collecting socks and warm clothes for those who are experiencing homelessness in my small city. Every November I ask the community to help out by donating items that I then bring down and give the shelters. It's a little thing for each person to do but combined we help so many. 

Image by Ben Duchac

Painted Snowflakes

If it's summer, I'm camping, my paint gear, camera, writing paper, pen, all with me. At any moment I can do what I love, re-creating nature.

Life is Short. Create.