Painted Snowflakes  Personalized Wedding Glasses, 
and Invitations.

You chose your flowers for a variety of reasons. You love the colours, the scent, maybe your mom carried them in her bouquet.

Why not have Painted Snowflakes do some personalized wedding glasses to match your wedding decor? 


Give your Bridesmaids to be personalized wedding glasses with their names on them. Use them to ask the question,

"Will you stand with me?"  You can all toast to the big day.

They make great keepsakes for your wedding party, souvenirs for the mothers, or simply a set for the bridge and groom for special evenings and celebrations.

I would love to work with you, talking about what you to make each glass personal, professional and make your day exactly the way you want it. 

Take a peak at some of the personalized wedding glasses painted by Painted Snowflakes.


Some have names amongst flowers, or on the base.





canvaswerg (2).png
il_794xN.1924834311_j726 (4).jpg

others are hand painted to match the wedding bouquet or invitations,

_MG_0286 (4).JPG

Others simply match the garden theme. Each one was designed with samples and suggestions from the bride or wedding planner.

If you prefer, these are designs that would well at a beach venue, tropical location and all more traditional settings. Of course, they can all be painted on wine, champagne and other glass styles. For more info. 

Painted Snowflakes'



Thank You Cards

Perhaps you are having a second wedding, a smaller garden party or simply choose  more personalized invitations, take a look at these ready to go choices.

If you' re already planning post wedding rites, hand painted thank you cards are guaranteed to make your thank you a memorable one.

Painted Snowflakes also  makes blank full sized photo cards for those people who will receive  more than a few words of thanks.