Painted Snowflakes admits,
Sometimes, it IS what others think of you.

I'm supposed to wow you with my accomplishments and  reviews .

The problem is I'm not very good at that. So if this comes across as bragging, I apologize. (lol my Canadian is showing) Of course, I'm not supposed to talk to you like you are sitting across from me either so, I guess I am breaking all the rules today.

Painted Snowflakes has been online for about seven years and in that time, I have received over three hundred reviews of my pieces, my customer service and my talent. I find it difficult to promote myself this way but I understand it's value..

I appreciate the words very much.

Previous Reviews

wine glasses with bouquets of roses painted on them

5 out of 5 stars

Beautiful Glasses and

Great Customer Service

Image by rocknwool

Absolutely beautiful candles.

Seller is very kind and quick to answer questions. Thank You

four pillar candles with Christmas pattern painted on them

The candles were beautiful and matched well with my antique glass candle holders. 

metal pail with a tropical beach scene painted on it

Most beautiful pail ever!

It is painted beautifully. Needed it quickly and Stacey delivered.

compost pail with rooster painted on it

I asked for a rooster on a compost pail. It is perfect. So happy.

short pillar candles with shamrocks painted on them

4 out of 5 stars.

I ordered some of these candles and love them. 

a pair of white candles with multi colour hearts painted on them

They will be the centerpiece of my Valentines celebration and beyond. I really love the candles Thank you

Image by Benjamin Wong

5 Star Review

Beautiful item

Helpful Seller.

water carafe with bouquet of roses painted on it

5 out of 5 stars

Purchased this water carafe set for my daughter's room. It's adorable.



The work of Painted Snowflakes has been asked for by Harvard University, on Rodeo Drive (yes, Beverly Hills), and around the world. (Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, Italy, France, Singapore and Hong Kong, the US and, of course, Canada) It was a pleasure participate in the, internationally recognized, Canadian Tulip Festival in Ottawa, Canada. Recently, my Etsy site, PaintedSnowflakes, ranked in the top 5% of Etsy Sellers in Canada. That is all you'll get out of me. Truth is, I believe I am only as good as my last client tells me. I aim to do my best and make you happy.

It's a pleasure doing what I love as a means of making a living.  I enjoy every minute of making people's lives a little more colorful. You can find me most days, buried under brushes, tubes of paint, glass and canvas,  and listening to tunes. I have  been fortunate to gain employment, as well as volunteer, teaching adults with disabilities art in person and by Zoom, (that was a learning curve). I also enjoy a weekly art class where I am student, not teacher.

"Painted Snowflakes" is a tribute to every person living on the spectrum. The disorder affects each person uniquely and, like the flakes from the sky, each person shines beauty on the world. It is with pleasure that a portion of each sale goes to supporting those living with autism. I wrote this in blue for my son, my hero, who lives with  ASD. If you would like more information about Autism in your part of the world, please click here.

custom ordered candles on a set table

Spectacular customer service and stunningly beautiful work from this incredibly talented artisan!

hand painted wine glass with grapes and vines