Light Your Christmas Eve
Painted Snowflakes'
Christmas Candles

Painted Christmas Glasses glistening on the table, ice clinking,  Christmas candles flickering on the windowsill, kids giggling, ornaments twinkling and don't forget the packages under the tree. But before that bliss...

painted Christmas candles

Almost everyone enjoys the holiday season but almost no one likes preparing for it. Shopping for gifts in the hot stores, finding out the item is gone, and won't be in until January.  Shopping here is easy, choose your gifts from a catalogue of well photographed items, send your request and rest knowing it is taken care of.

Decorating your home to look like the fancy magazines but on a regular budget isn't easy but serving your drinks in painted glasses, a few Christmas candles around  your rooms and suddenly you have a one of a kind look.

Gifts, decor and more. And best of all, gifts can be gift wrapped and shipped out and you never had to touch them.  Painted Snowflakes has your back.

And then there's family staying for the holidays. You love them but sometimes.....well, I can't help with that but if everything else is done it will lessen your aggravation.


martini glasses for Christmas

 Why not add some
"snowflakes" to your celebrations this year?