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Updated: Jul 20, 2022

What's In Store Fall 2021

New Fall Collection

I have always enjoyed September, the return to activities we gave up happily for summer, the start of new ones. Painted Snowflakes is heading into it's busiest season. Form October to February's end, I will be painting night and day, keeping up. But, I did take some time out of my summer to come up with some new ideas to show you. There are items for Fall, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. I have also brought a little of Newfoundland to the page. So much, I can't fit it all on one page. If you're curious, follow the link below .

Warm and cozy, we'll be.

Sock It To Me.

Stepping Up For Others.

Every October, I organize a drive for new socks for those who are living homeless. I make call outs on Facebook and in my community. This year I am writing to the schools, trying to get them to build it into their November projects. If time permits, I will approach some churches as well.

This year, with every purchase between September and November's end, I will donate one extra pair of socks to the drive. I will always accept donations of NEW socks. hats and gloves, hand knitted or purchased. or funds to purchase them. Contact me if you want to help. Neither I, nor my company, benefit financially in anyway form doing this. It's important to me that you know this.

Follow the Stepping UP Facebook page

Have you heard of Afterpay?

In short, it allows to purchase the things you want now, and pay for them over four easy payments. NO credit checks needed .No interests paid. It's simply, that easy.

And now you can use it when shopping with Painted Snowflakes.

I’m thankful for you, and honoured to have a place in your cupboards, on your table and in your home. Thank you.

While everyone is awaiting Black Friday, you can shop early on Grey Thursday.
Even better. I am setting it one week
early so you can get it for Christmas
gift giving. Watch your email
for the coupon code.

Enjoy the season. Walk outside. Breathe.. Look. Take in. Give Thanks to Mother Earth for her abundance and promise to take better care of her.

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