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"I'm not creative. I Can't Design my own Wedding Decor "Snowflakes says ,"Yes. You can."

Painted Snowflakes works, with you, to create your ideal wedding decor.

Dreamy, romantic outdoor wedding scene. lights, chairs and draped alter at front.
Painted Snowflakes works, with you, to create your ideal wedding decor.

You are creative.

Having worked with adults who wanted to paint, children who couldn't sit still and people who learned to draw via ZOOM, I believe everyone has an artsy side. You might not sketch anything but stick figures, but you bake cupcakes that people fight over. Perhaps your strength is in woodworking or singing. If you have every kept children entertained on a rainy day, you are creative. It's all a matter of tapping into what your strengths are and making them work for you.

It's all perspective.

I used to teach painting at parties. A very, martini filled, woman started to cry because she was painting a wave and thought she had done it so badly she ruined her painting. I came over and looked at the canvas. Confidently, I told her the "mistake" on her canvas wasn't a wave at all. She was dumbfounded. "It isn't?, she asked . I reaffirmed it wasn't a wave, it was a seagull. She couldn't see it because she had forgotten a little black point on each "wing" to finish it. When done, she was shocked at her talent. She told me she never knew she could paint birds. In truth, Anyone looking at her art would presume she put it there intentionally. Sometimes, it takes someone else to show us what has been there all the time.

inspirational quote by George Bernard Shaw on a bed of clouds.

Do I really work with you to design your wedding decor?

Yes, as much, or as little, as you want.

Creating your uniquely wedding decor, glasses or candles, begins like this. "What were you thinking of doing as far as a pattern?" If you have any idea, that's where we will start. You may have seen a photo on the site that you admired or want to match a design concept the wedding is themed around. After some leading questions, I've gathered information.

Do you have a colour scheme? Where is the wedding taking place? What are you wearing? How bout the groom and his party? Is it a big wedding? Small and intimate? Themes? Anything special or out of the ordinary taking places? do you prefer gold, silver or copper? Is there lace on your dress? Are there any children coming into the marriage? What are their roles if any, in the ceremony? Some questions may seem odd. That's because I am conjuring ideas in my mind. Wedding decor is more than appearances. It's also uses, roles, placement etc.

Let's say you want Unity Candles. Do you want them to match your bouquet flowers? Your invitation appearance? Maybe it's important to have your family name on the largest and your first name on the tapers, with each child joining the new family, receiving a candle with their name to light the main candle as well.

inspirational quote against landscape photo

Traditional or beach scene, one bride or two, every wedding is different by simple virtue of having you in it. As we talk, or email, or text, you are sharing of yourselves and giving me an idea of what's important to you. And it's you, the couple, that I hope to describe best, through my work.

For one Bride, it wasn't about the flowers, the venue or the names. It was about the fabric, hand embroidered by her mother. It was that, she wanted to highlight, showing again how much it was cherished.

While discussing a nautical theme for her wedding, the bride mentioned her groom would be wearing his Marine Uniform. I may be Canadian, but I know that look well. It garners my attention and the respect that goes with it. I suggested that we add a small red stripe and some gold dots to the overall navy blue colour scheme to incorporate the uniform as well. It was a small addition, but it meant so much to both of them.

Unity Candles with Monogram painted on
Monogrammed Unity Candles

Still another couple admitted not wanting

any flowers or colour at all. Simple greenery

was what she wanted. but after a few

moments I learned she had created a

monogram especially for their day.

I suggested adding it in for a timeless look.

I never know where our collaboration will take us. Admittedly, some simply want "that set on the first page? but in my colours?" and gladly I will reproduce that for her. Whatever you decide on, if you want it, I will send you a few photos throughout the process to keep you informed.

Knowing your creativity led to building that memory is all the proof you need to know, you had in you all the time. There's no reason to be nervous now. You know exactly what to expect. In the end, whether it's candles for a centerpiece, wine glass mementos for the mothers' of the bride and groom, hipster beer glasses for groomsmen or thank you notes for gifts, as long as you are smiling upon receiving them, I am happy. Wedding decor can be simple or extravagant but it should always reflect you. Send me your contact info so we can work together to make your perfect day, even more meaningful.

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