Entertaining a small group,
a romantic tête a tête or maybe
it's finally "me time"?
You will find

here for all occasions.


          painted glass

Painted glasses can be made to match or compliment a variety of pieces in your home. From the innocent Daisy to the seductive Lily , most of your floral designs can be placed on to painted glasses. If you aren't a flower person, how about bamboo for luck, wine grapes, or a portrait of a dog? Sometimes a little greenery will tie them into your china pattern.   If you don't see what you want,  let me know. I can custom design them for you.


Of course, you might want to expand your collection.  After the basic wine glass, it's good to have  beer or painted  whiskey glasses. Perhaps a different design. In the end, you may have a little garden to display in your cabinet.

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