Image by Francesca Tosolini

Outdoor Living with Painted Snowflakes


Summertime and the Outdoor Living is Easy.


The flowers, plants, scents. and the work. If you're someone who likes beautiful things that are one of a kind, Painted Snowflakes is the shop for you. It's luxury for everyone.  Painted flower pots for your greenery, designed patio ware for your guests, colourful vases around your home, and countertop compost bins for a green clean up. If it's part of outdoor living, it's here and it's hand painted.Summers on the deck, so relaxing, so lazy.

Make your outdoor living a breeze.

Summertime, and the "outdoor living" is easy.
Fish are jumping, and the cotton is high.
Oh, your daddy's rich, and your ma is good-looking.
So, hush, little baby. Baby, don't you cry.


"Exquisite bucket! Lovely choice of colors. I was so happy to have found this item to give to a friend for Mother's Day. It will be filled with flowers in the garden. The shop owner of Painted Snowflakes was very pleasant to work with."