Whatever celebration is happening in your part of the country, or world, let the glow
of candlelight
warm the faces of your family and loved ones.

Spring Summer
Holiday Candle Patterns

across Canada &
throughout the US
on orders over $65.
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Valentine's Day

_MG_0116 (2).JPG

Valentine's Day/Pride


St. Patrick's Day


Easter Eggs

_MG_1639 (2).JPG



Pride Month

_MG_1552 (2).JPG

Canada Day

_MG_0898 (2).JPG

July 4th

These candles are made from Stearin. Stearin has been used to make candles and soap for centuries, it helps to solidify the wax in a candle, which in turn makes it burn better and more safely. It is odourless, colourless and perfectly safe.