PaintnPitchers is Back

Mobile Glass Painting Classes in South Western Ontario

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 Now that we are allowed medium sized groups in our homes again, let's get back to creating. Hosting a glass painting class in a party atmosphere is the newest way to have fun in a group setting. Gather up some friends, male and female, and get ready to laugh and decorate your style of glass.

young man holding his painted glassware

Paint'nPitchers is known around south western Ontario for it's easy going, fun and educational glass painting classes. You supply any food and drink you wish. I'll bring everything you need to paint, set up everything up for you and when everyone is done, I'll clean up the work space. When I am gone, the only trace the Paint'nPitchers had a glass painting class in your home will be the smiles and the glassware. 


Glass Painting Classes that feel like a Party

It's this easy.

  • Choose your date

  • Invite your friends

  • Grab some food or drink

Leave the rest to me.