Holiday Candles
for special days around the world.

Each month brings a new reason to celebrate what we know and learn about what we don't.
Something as simple as holiday candles in the right place can set the mood for your festive gathering.


It's a new year of holiday celebrations. Chinese New Year dinners and dancing dragons bringing prosperity to all. Romantic evenings with Valentine candles light the dinner table for you and a special person. Here you'll find holiday candles for every extra special day.

In this month of February, choose from traditional red and white or colourful Valentine Candles.

Image by Arjun Ken

Whether it's the luck of the Irish on St. Patrick's Day, the chase of the bunny or the reverence of Easter or
Ramadan, you'll find the holiday candle for it here.


Painted St Patrick's Day candles and salt and pepper shakers will bring luck with their hidden four leaf clovers. Daffodil and Easter lily flowers onto a one litre wine carafe, painted Easter candles with the bunny on board brighten your dining table and guests.

Once Ramadan is over, painted Eid Mubaruk candles  shout praise.


if you don't see what you need, let painted Snowflakes make up a painted design for any holiday you wish.