Painted Snowflakes

 Personalized Wedding Candles,
and Unity Candles

Unity candle set in pinks and reds
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Unity Candles,

Wedding candles inspired by bouquet

Hand Painted Unity Candles for wedding

Unity Candles,  inspired by Invitations 

Today's brides and grooms want their wedding to reflect who they are. That reflection shows in flowers, wedding vows and Unity Candles.  Together, let's design something that will reflect your flowers, your invitations or your location.  What ever you choose, let me help to make it just right. 


Painted Monogram on Wedding Candles

While the inspiration may come from variety of sources, the design comes from you,

and I, combining ideas to make your dream come true.  Custom Unity Candles are a beautiful part of a ceremony but if you are going with something less traditional, I can work with you to make that fit your style, as well. These are actual Wedding Candles painted to client's wishes. If you are ready to start designing, write me here.



Check the "What's it All About?" , a blog post for info on Unity Candles and other unity ceremony ideas.

 Gift Options for the Wedding Party